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Asia Pacific

In APAC, we work to serve the region’s needs for a secure, safe and sustainable food supply.

Our operations in the region comprise of a range of wholly and jointly owned facilities, including: an integrated management office in Shanghai; technical innovation centers in China, Singapore, Australia and Japan; flavor production facilities in China; a sweeteners and soluble fiber complex in China; animal nutrition facilities across China; grain origination and trading operations throughout the Asia Pacific region; grain destination marketing warehouses in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, South Korea and China; and sales offices strategically located in all major markets across the region.

A key part of ADM’s Asia strategy today is our strategic ownership interest in Wilmar International Limited, Asia’s premiere agricultural processing business.

ADM Asia has the strategic ownership interest in Wilmar International Limited. Wilmar operates palm plantations; crushing facilities for various types of oilseeds; vegetable oil refineries and packaging facilities; plants that produce oleo chemicals, soy proteins and fertilizers; and multiple wheat and rice milling facilities.