Hydrocolloids & Polyols

ADM PurelyForm™ Hydrocolloid Options 

Rely on our xanthan gum for higher viscosity—our thicker, low-shear viscosity product means you may use 8-10% less than others. We offer superior functionality, with improved clarity, fast hydration and improved dispersion—and all gluten free. We offer a non-GMO/GE strain that helps you deliver organic, non-GMO and vegan/vegetarian label claims.

PurelyForm™ Xanthan Gum 

Also offered with high levels of transparency for clear solutions:

  • PurelyForm™ XG 200 & PurelyForm™ XG 200T
  • PurelyForm™ XG 80 & PurelyForm™ XG 80T
  • PurelyForm™ XG 80 FH & PurelyForm™ XG 80 TFH
  • PurelyForm™ XG 40 & PurelyForm™ XG 40T

PurelyForm™ XG D Transparent & Agglomerated Xanthan Gum 

Offering best dispersion results and a clear solution

PurelyForm™ products for superior hydration & dispersion across difficult media 

  •  PurelyForm™  XG 200T Plus & PurelyForm™  XG 80T Plus

PurelyForm™ Polyols

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of polyols to meet your application requirements.


A polyol with 2.6 calories per gram (vs. sugar’s 4.0 cal/gram) used as a sweetener and a humectant. Used in sugar-free hard candy, chewing gum, baked goods, frozen desserts and more, and as a non-browning sweetener for cordial and liqueur beverages. 

Includes 70% and 80% liquid solutions, as well as a variety of custom solutions to meet your needs.


A polyol syrup with a pleasant, sweet taste very similar to sucrose (about 85% as sweet) and significantly lower in calories, with only 3.0 kcals/gram. Used in sweet goods, hard candies, and chewing gum as well as in chocolate fillings, baked goods and ice cream.


Mannitol is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for its functional properties. It is about 50% as sweet as sucrose with a desirable cooling effect often used to mask bitter tastes. Mannitol is non-cariogenic and has a low caloric content.

Specialty Solutions

ADM also offers a variety of custom solutions tailored to your needs. Working alongside our sweetener and nutritional experts, we help you formulate polyols to your desired outcomes.

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