ADM operates a flour mill and a feed mill in Belize City. The flour and feeds produced here are distributed throughout the country, where ADM employs more than 40 people.

ADM began operation of Belize Mills Ltd. in 1996.

ADM is the only flour producer in Belize. Our flour mill produces a baker's flour (Bebe Agua), an all-purpose counter flour (la Gitana), a premium low-ash cake flour (Purity) and a whole-wheat flour (Hi-Rise).

ADM’s feed mill produces a full range of livestock and poultry feeds as well as feeds for shrimp farming in Belize.

Wheats for flour production and soymeal for feed production travel from ADM's elevators in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States, to the port of Belize in contracted vessels. The feed mill purchases some ingredients locally, such as rice, corn and limestone, a source of calcium and magnesium minerals. The rest is imported, mainly from the United States.

ADM Milling/Belize Mills assists communities by working with local government organizations concerned with food and feed standards and hurricane and disaster relief. We also donate flour on a regular basis to a number of charities and nongovernmental organizations, and sponsor the annual Belize National Nutrition Quiz, which is part of a Caribbean-wide competition.