Doing It Right Program

The Doing it Right Program (Programa Produzindo Certo) is ADM do Brasil’s most important initiative for the development of a sustainable soy supply chain.

In partnership with the NGO Aliança da Terra, the program is designed to encourage Brazilian soy producers to adopt sustainable agriculture practices to reduce environmental impact and assure good work conditions to workers.

How does it work?

Visit to the property and Socio-Environmental Diagnosis

Aliança da Terra’s technicians visit the farm to map the property, analyze agricultural operations and identify positive aspects as well as areas that require improvements. All information is used to produce a diagnosis of the property, which shared with the producer.

Action Plan and Annual Verification

Based on the Socio-Environmental Diagnosis of the property, an improvement action plan is created. Technical guidance is also provided. After a year, Aliança da Terra visits the farm to evaluate the progress against the initial plan.

More than 300,000 hectares of soy from ours suppliers have been enrolled in the program. An additional 400,000 hectares will be included in the program by the end of 2011.