In Chile, ADM distributes a broad range of products that have been originated and produced at other ADM locations, including: fertilizers (raw and blends), corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean meal, sunflower meal, corn gluten meal and crude canola oil. As a destination office, Chile is part of the final step in our value chain to complete the connection between harvests in the U.S, Canada, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, to our customers and their consumers in the region.

Our main office is in Santiago, and all of our facilities are operated by third parties exclusively for ADM. Our team maintains a strong presence in all of Chile’s main ports, and we offer the flexibility to deliver our products either on CNF basis or locally.

ADM operates fertilizer facilities near the ports of San Antonio, Coronel and Puerto Montt. There, we offer our customers special blends to meet their requirements and raise their yields while controlling costs. We use these same ports—and a separate facility in Arica—to import, store and ship other ADM products.

In Chile, we also provide feed products to the poultry, hog, salmon and dairy industries, and distribute wheat for the milling industry and feed production.