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Czech Republic

About ADM Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, ADM operates an oilseeds crushing and refining facility in Olomouc and a trading office in Prague that purchases grains and oilseeds. ADM has nearly 125 employees in the Czech Republic.


ADM began its operations in the Czech Republic in 2009 with the acquisition of an oilseeds crushing and refining facility in Olomouc. ADM’s facility in Olomouc is one of the largest processing plants in the Czech Republic. ADM is one the largest suppliers of edible vegetable oils in the Czech Republic. Our products are used by a variety of consumers, from restaurateurs to the snack food industry.


Archer Daniels Midland Trading Prague works closely with local farmers, farming co-operatives and trading houses to originate grains such as wheat, corn and barley, and oilseeds, including rapeseed, sunflower seed and soybeans, from across the whole of the Czech Republic. The cereal crops are delivered to our customers throughout the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland, while the oilseeds are used to supply ADM’s crushing plants in Olomouc and Straubing, Germany, as well as other crushing facilities across Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ADM Czech Republic works closely with local producers to help promote environmentally-friendly farming practices, including the creation of habitats to promote and encourage local wildlife to flourish.