In India, ADM’s principal business is the processing of oilseeds into edible oils, animal feeds and feed ingredients. We also market a range of ADM food ingredients to leading food manufacturers, provide animal nutrition products to poultry and dairy farmers, originate and trade corn and wheat, offer cargo services and warehousing facilities for businesses; and operate a training and incentive program to assist Indian farmers improve crop quality and increase yields.

ADM employs nearly 1,200 people in India. Operations include an office in Gurgaon, near New Delhi; additional offices in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore; a cargo-handling facility and warehouses in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh; and oilseeds processing plants in Latur, Nagpur and Akola in Maharashtra, Kota in Rajasthan and Dharwad in Karnataka.

Oilseeds Processing

The oilseeds processing business involves processing various oils and oilseeds – Soybean, Rapeseed/Mustard, Sunflower and Cotton, to produce crude oil and meal. This meal is primarily used in the production of animal feeds; while the oil is refined into edible oils, sold in bulk and under own brand names Health Fit® and ParamparaTM to household and institutional customers in India.


ADM in India also originates and trades Grains in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.

Specialty Ingredients

ADM also supplies food companies, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies with more than 300 specialty ingredients commonly used in the manufacturing of bakery and confectionery items, juices, condiments and baby foods, as well as in cosmetic & personal-care items such as face cream, hair oil, toothpaste and cough syrup. These ingredients range from natural vitamin-E, sweeteners, emulsifiers and thickeners; to protein concentrates, isolates and nutritional supplements. The Specialty Food Ingredients group also offers customers technical support to assist in the development of high-quality products that incorporate these ingredients.

Animal Health and Nutrition

The Animal Health and Nutrition group markets full-fat soybean meal to poultry producers throughout India. The meal is an excellent source of protein and energy that contains high levels of linoleic acid, vitamin E, sulphur lecithin and choline. Our L-Lysine, L-Threonine products provide critical amino acids needed for optimum poultry production; CitriStim (MOS & β-Glucans) enhances performance and active immune response; while URJA, our bovine supplement (Bypass fat), helps increase milk production.

Community Commitment

With a view to increasing farmers’ crop yields and incomes, ADM provides guidance to Indian growers through its Krishi Vikas Kendras’ (KVK) network of more than 20 crop-development centres staffed by agronomists who offer training in best agricultural practices, as well as procurement services, to more than 75,000 farmers each year.

The KVK program encourages farmers to adopt best farming practices and provides guidance on usage of pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers. ADM operates a telephone help line to address cultivation-related inquiries and market information which helps farmers to realise best prices for their produce. ADM is also assisting small farmers in Maharashtra state to acquire micro irrigation equipment by participating in government approved subsidy schemes.

ADM has been chosen by the government of Maharashtra as one of the companies for Public Private Partnership for Integrated Agricultural Development (PPPIAD) for value chain development in soybeans. Through this scheme, ADM and the Government of Maharashtra are assisting the farmers to increase their average yield in soybeans and also reduce their cultivation cost.

Cargo Handling

ADM also offers services such as stevedoring, chartering and cargo clearing and forwarding to customers including shipping lines, commodity traders and industries involved in international trade. The port facility in Vishakhapatnam handles agricultural products such as beans, rice bran and fertilizers, and the warehouse provides more than 30,000 tons of storage capacity.