Archer Daniels Midland Company, founded in 1902, is a conglomerate that maintains its head office in Chicago, IL. ADM operates over 270 plants worldwide, producing food ingredients, animal feeds, biofuels and other products that manufacturers throughout the world use to supply healthy foods and a better life to millions of people around the globe. Currently its business structure is divided into Oilseeds, Milling and Ag Services. We are world leader with approximately 31,000 employees spread through all territories.

In Jamaica, ADM started its operations in 1997, after acquiring Jamaica Flour Mills Limited which is the only producer of flour on the island. In 2002 ADM acquired Jamaica Rice Milling Company Limited and began processing rice for the local market.  Currently with over 30 employees and 113 contractors it originates, processes and sells a variety of flour and flour based products for bakeries, homes and restaurants.  A mix plant is also operated at the location which produces cake mixes and breakfast cereals for the local and export markets. The plant also produces mill feed which is supplied to the manufacturers of animal feed for the local and export markets.

ADM believes in helping to give back to the community and each Christmas sponsors a luncheon for the elderly. Tertiary education scholarships are also offered to students attending local universities.

ADM Jamaica is the second largest milling facility in the Caribbean and represents an important part of ADM’s Milling business.