Business Standard

ADM Jamaica is found within the global business structure of ADM Milling. Get to know a little more with respect to the company’s business in the country:


  • ADM Jamaica is engaged in the milling of hard and soft wheat into flour, wheat cereals, cake mixes and whole wheat flour. The flour milling operations consists of a two-mill installation that grinds both hard and soft wheat into flour. The combined flour capacity of both mills is 12,500 CWT per day. The facility operates 42 wheat and flour storage bins, with an approximate 37,000 MT of wheat and 22,000 CWT of flour storage.

    The site also mills paddy rice into white rice for sale on the local market. The rice mill which was commissioned in 2003 has a maximum output capacity estimated at approximately 6 tons per hour.

Logistics & Port

  • All wheat is received via ship and off-loaded to on-site storage bins.  Wheat is received on an average of 23,000 metric ton (MT) shipload per month from the US grain markets.  Paddy rice is received principally from with CARICOM also via ship.