ADM’s purpose is to meet vital needs. ADM Jamaica offers a wide range of specialty flours and mixes geared towards the local and export markets.  The Company’s main products in Jamaica are:

  • JFMills Counter Flour®
  • JFMills Counter Plus Flour®
  • JFMills Cake & Pastry Flour®
  • JFMills All Purpose Flour®
  • JFMills Whole Wheat Flour®
  • JFMills Cremy Wheat Cereal®
  • JFMills Cake Mixes®
  • JFMills Festival Mix®
  • JFMills Johnny Cake Mix®
  • JFMills Buttermilk Pancake Mix®
  • JFMills Baking Powder®
  • JFMills Parboil Rice®
  • JFMills Brown Rice®

A variety of Bakery and specialty flours are produced for commercial bakeries and restaurants.