ADM's unparalleled portfolio of ingredients makes us the right first-call ingredients partner. Whether you’re looking for single ingredients, blends or turnkey solutions, we can help you get to market faster with consumer preferred foods and drinks. Whatever your ingredient need – nutrition, performance, texture or taste – turn to ADM to feed your food business.We have the resources to set you apart.


ADM is a world leader in corn sweeteners, dextrose, crystalline fructose, maltodextrin, and citric acids, and we also offer nutritional ingredients such as natural-source vitamin E, soy protein, including organic, and even flavorless, textureless and colorless fiber.


Consumers today want snacks in more varieties and with more healthful qualities. With our broad portfolio of ingredients, from nuts and seeds to proteins and sweeteners, we can help you create both indulgent and healthy choices, to satisfy snack lovers’ hunger with variety, function, and amazing tastes.

Meats & Meals

ADM ingredients enhance whole muscle meat products while improving taste, juiciness and moisture retention for maximum value. From soy and vegetable proteins to performance and flavor enhancers, ADM offers the most complete range of ingredients to custom formulate great-tasting processed meats, soups, sauces and sides.


ADM also supplies ingredients for the confectionary industry such as lecithin and other emulsifiers, food acids, corn sweeteners, starches and maltodextrins.


Consumers love the wholesomeness of dairy foods, and new ones are appearing every day—like flavored milks in convenience packaging, or new yogurts that you can both drink and pour. ADM has a stable of ingredients that can help make your dairy products taste great, while maintaining their freshness and stability.

Other Processed Foods

ADM ingredients help frozen foods stay fresher longer, keep the beans in soup unbroken, and ensure that the oil and water in salad dressings stay emulsified.