Oils and Fats


ADM provides world-class quality and consistency in oils and shortenings. From soybean, canola, cottonseed and sunflower to coconut, palm, palm kernel and peanut, our portfolio — the industry’s largest — includes first-rate oils formulated for excellence as ingredients in food production or for repackaging. Whether your goal is lowering saturated fatty acids, extending shelf life, making a front-of-package claim or simply producing quality products, we will help you find the solution that best suits your formulation. Products include:

  • Salad oils (canola, corn, cottonseed, high-oleic, non-GMO, etc.)
  • Expeller-pressed oils
  • Enzymatically interesterified oils 
  •  Palm products 
  •  Blends for low trans options 
  •  Coconut and palm kernel oils 
  •  Fully hydrogenated vegetable oils 
  •  Shortening powders 
  •  Peanut and tree nuts roasted aromatic oils 
  •  Peanut and terr nuts refined oils