A world leader in the protein business for over 20 years, ADM offers an extensive line of versatile protein ingredients in a variety of forms – including isolated soy proteins, textured vegetable protein, soy protein concentrates, soy flour & grits, textured soy proteins & crisps, and wheat proteins – designed to meet the widest possible range of formulation needs.

Isolated soy (Pro-Fam®, CLARISOY®)

Extremely clean flavored isolated soy proteins with minimum protein levels of 90 percent on a moisture-free basis, Ardex®, Pro-Fam® and CLARISOY™  can be used to increase nutritional content or for emulsification in a variety of applications.

Concentrate Soy(Arcon®)

With a minimum protein content of 65 percent on a moisture-free basis and a fiber content of 20 percent, ADM’s traditional and functional soy protein concentrates deliver cost-effective solutions and are available both as a powder and as textured pieces.

Soy Protein for Texture (Arcon®T, TEXTURA™)

Granule and flake soy protein concentrates (Arcon®T) and crisp soy protein (TEXTURA™) can be used to improve bar, cereals, snacks and meats products.


  • Wheat gluten
  • Wheat protein isolates