Stabilizers (Xanthan gum)

  • For superior flow control and long-lasting suspension of particulates
  • For the ability to withstand shear heat treatment, enzymatic activity and high salt
  • For clean flavor release and superior mouthfeel
  • For long-term shelf life at a wide range of pH levels


Great in salad dressings, dairy products, beverages, gravies and sauces. Frozen/refrigerated dough, cake mixes, bread, batters, along with Gluten Free products. Personal care & cosmetic products; toothpastes, shampoos and lotions. Phamaceutical prodcts; antibiotic suspensions.

NovaXan® Transparent

Formulated especially for applications where a high degree of clarity is required.

NovaXan® Dispersible

Agglomerated powder that provides best dispersion results in slower mixing processes as well as low dusting.