ADM PurelyForm™ Hydrocolloid Options 

Rely on our xanthan gum for higher viscosity—our thicker, low-shear viscosity product means you may use 8-10% less than others. We offer superior functionality, with improved clarity, fast hydration and improved dispersion—and all gluten free. We offer a non-GMO/GE strain that helps you deliver organic, non-GMO and vegan/vegetarian label claims.

PurelyForm™ Xanthan Gum 

Also offered with high levels of transparency for clear solutions:

  • PurelyForm™ XG 200 & PurelyForm™ XG 200T
  • PurelyForm™ XG 80 & PurelyForm™ XG 80T
  • PurelyForm™ XG 80 FH & PurelyForm™ XG 80 TFH
  • PurelyForm™ XG 40 & PurelyForm™ XG 40T

PurelyForm™ XG D Transparent & Agglomerated Xanthan Gum 

Offering best dispersion results and a clear solution

PurelyForm™ products for superior hydration & dispersion across difficult media 

  •  PurelyForm™  XG 200T Plus & PurelyForm™  XG 80T Plus