Our responsibility

On a world where the population is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050, will require twice of food and energy produced today. As one of the largest agricultural companies in the world and a major producer of food and food ingredients, renewable fuels and chemicals, ADM has a significant role to play in serving these vital needs.

To realize our vision of being the most admired in the world agricultural company, we recognize that we have to create value while growing responsibly. That's why we are working to continually improve our environmental performance, create a sustainable supply chain crop from the origin, and ensure that our capital expenditures, social investments and investments in people help us meet our vital purpose.

Our activities

Sustainability certifications for our supply chain

ADM Paraguay had implemented sustainability certifications for soybean production ISCC and 2BSvs, working proactively with leading producers in the construction of a model of sustainable production.

With this, ADM took a big step towards to attend the demanding markets of the European Union. After evaluating the requirements of certifications for biofuels, we created a management system that was implemented in silos and oil processing plant in Villeta obtaining these important labels.

However, to export the product to the EU, it is necessary to have these certifications, once you ensure that biofuels are environmentally sustainable. That is, ADM stated comply with the Guidelines for Renewable Energy (RED), which confirms the origin of the raw material, in which the supplier retains high value areas and has good agricultural practices without taking labor in degrading conditions.

In addition, ADM has established a program to evaluate the farms of growers and thereby identify opportunities for improvement and implementation of actions plans to produce more sustainable. Then farmers receive training in the areas of health, safety and environment, as well as technical support in order to improve their management.

Connect small farmers to global markets

ADM shows its concern for the small farmers in Paraguay with an inclusion project that runs in tandem with the value chain. The company started a pilot program in the regions where it operates with the Paraguay Productivo/USAID program, with the purpose of including the small farmers in the production chain of corn, soy and stevia, as well as to increase profitability for those producers.

The project aims at guaranteeing that the life standards of the families of participating communities will gradually improve, and that those communities be completely included into the sustainable agricultural process. Within this inclusive business program, ADM offers high technology inputs for the production of these commodities, technical training, and market access for all production.

Reforestation in partnership with the community

With a commitment to boost the sustainability of its operations in the poorest communities and to strengthen relations with its neighbors, ADM established a partnership with the NGO Asociación Jopoi.

This project seeks to improve family agriculture development in the surrounding reforestation area of Itape, Paraguay. By working in tandem with the community, it was possible to get immediate return by means of its inclusion in value chains and by the adoption of agricultural good practices. In other words, the small farmers are able to produce more with less, and, at the same time, connect their production to regional markets.

Better Places To Study

In partnership with the NGO Habitat para la Humanidad, ADM developed the Mejores Lugares Para Estudiar project (Better Places to Study Project), which has the goal of improving school infrastructure in the communities where the company operates.

Besides collaborating with building construction, ADM invites employees to volunteer in the project, sensitizing them about the problems of the local schools and affording them the opportunity to serve those in need, getting involved with all the community in this climate of love for other human beings.

De la Mano con ADM

In partnership with Union Industrial Paraguaya (UIP), ADM launch a supplier’s development program named “De la Mano con ADM”. The project will provide to micro and small families companies solid bases as a starting point to achieve their development and strengthen their business competitiveness. In consequence, the companies will be more agile when to respond to the increasingly demanding of customer requirements.

Strengthen the competitive capacity of MSMEs through training and support to enable them to grow neatly in the articulation of the value chain, in a strategic relationship that allows developing them as trusty ADM’s supplier.

IPOPA – Positive Environmental Initiatives

The IPOPA Project created an entrepreneurship training program in the San Antonio community, in Paraguay. This program consists in developing entrepreneurial activities and environmental awareness.

The project contributes to qualify youths and adults in economically vulnerable situations to start solidary enterprises that care for the environment, through the use of recyclable materials as raw materials to generate commercial products. The project also aims to foster the creation of associations and work for the women.

International recognition

The United States government, by means of its embassy in Paraguay, congratulated ADM Paraguay for being finalist in the Award for Corporate Excellence for Social and Environmental Responsibility world competition. Ambassador James H. Thessin said that ADM stood out in Paraguay because of its investments in the local communities, for its social, environmental and economic sustainability when improving the local transportation infrastructure, and for offering credit access and other resources to farmers so that they could improve their production. It should be added to the above the efforts the company makes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect the natural biosphere and its promotion of the sustainable use of soil.

Values In Action Awards

The Values in Action Awards (VIA) recognizes ADM teams that achieved outstanding business results when applying the values of the ADM Way at work.

Since its creation in 2007, three teams from Paraguay were awarded the VIA.

  1. VIA 2012: Operator Training Plant
  2. VIA 2010: Stevia Team
  3. VIA 2008: Motorcycle Safety Team