Puerto Rico

ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ADM, has 90 employees in Puerto Rico, and has operated an animal feed plant and a premix plant since 1985.

Through Precision Microblenders LLC, part of ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc., the premix plant supplies the growing animal feed industry in Latin America and the Caribbean with mineral and vitamin mixes that are used in feeds for all species. Customers include distributors, cooperatives and feed manufacturers.

The feed plant is located in Hatillo and serves the dairy and swine industries and the commercial dealer market throughout Puerto Rico. ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. obtains wheat midds and hominy from a local flour mill, while other major ingredients are shipped from the United States. The feed products are sold to dairy and swine producers and retail stores.

ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. pays careful attention to quality assurance, equipment cleaning and the tracking of each product from raw material to delivery. They provide customers with excellent service, quality control, an advanced system for warehousing and dispatch, assistance in feed and premix formulation, feeding programs for all species, and technical training in animal nutrition and animal husbandry.