ADM’s Asian headquarters in Singapore is home to the South East Asian sales offices that serve emerging markets in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, as well as a regional trading office. ADM employs nearly 120 people in Singapore.

Human Nutrition

Through its Technical Innovation Center in Singapore and sample stations in Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, and Manila, the ADM human nutrition team serves countries in Southeast Asia and beyond. These facilities allow ADM to work closely with customers to create complete flavor and specialty ingredient solutions that meet consumer preferences for taste, nutrition, function and texture. ADM Human Nutrition is the first-to-call ingredient & flavor supplier that provides customers with natural, on-trend ingredient system solutions from in-house flavors, mint, juices, plant-based proteins, fiber, edible beans & ancient grains, specialty sweeteners, colors, hydrocolloids and emulsifiers.


To satisfy the dynamic needs of our customers in the region, ADM offers a diverse portfolio of agricultural commodities and products.

These agricultural commodities and products, depending on prevailing market conditions, could be sourced through our global supply chain network with seamless efficiency.

Some of the main products we trade include:

  • Under Grain products, Corn/Wheat/Sorghum/Rice
  • Under Feedstuff and Oilseed products, Soybeans/Soybean Meal/Palm Kernel Expeller/Canola Meal/Distiller Dried Grain Solubles/60% Corn Gluten Meal

With the latest addition of our distribution businesses around the region, we are pleased to extend our offerings and services to be able to accommodate customers across the region.

We now offer customers quantities ranging from a panamax vessel to a single truck, both in basis or flat price with payment either in local currency or in USD.

Animal Nutrition

Our leading manufacturing, nutrition & marketing business offers a wide range of cutting edge products for animal nutrition.

We offer ADM legacy products like amino acids L-lysine and L-Threonine, and specialty ingredients with high proteins, such as Proplex “DY” & “T” & Soycomil.

Through the acquisition of Neovia group, we offer specialty additives from the Pancosma product line, like palatants, minerals, bioactives, yeasts, organic acids, toxin binders.


A key part of ADM’s Asia strategy today is our strategic ownership interest in Wilmar International Limited, Asia’s premiere agricultural processing business, which has locations in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, and in other parts of the world. Singapore-based Wilmar operates palm plantations; crushing facilities for various types of oilseeds; vegetable oil refineries and packaging facilities; plants that produce oleo chemicals, soy proteins and fertilizers; and multiple wheat and rice milling facilities.