ADM in Spain

In Spain, ADM operates a trading office for grains and a specialty ingredients production facility, together employing more than 120 people.


As a result of ADM’s 2014 acquisition of Alfred C. Toepfer International, a global merchandiser of agricultural commodities and processed products, ADM operates an office in Madrid, which imports grains for meals and feedstuffs to supply compounders, millers and bio-ethanol producers.

WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients

Following ADM’s acquisition of WILD Flavors GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry, ADM operates a food ingredients processing facility near Valencia, located in the heart of the Spanish citrus-growing region. The facility processes natural raw materials into food ingredients such as specialty juice concentrate, fruit sweetening systems, coloring foodstuffs, plant extracts, citrus oils and flavors, as well as functional ingredients. These ingredients are used in beverages, dairy, confectionery and bakery applications. The company has a strategic location next to Valencia´s harbor, one of the largest commercial ports in the Mediterranean.