3 Reasons Why Owners Are Treating Their Pets Daily

Why Treating Pets Daily ?

Everyone loves giving their dog or cat a treat. The pet gets a tasty reward, the owner enjoys their pet’s excitement, and both are satisfied after participating in this fun and engaging bonding ritual.

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3 Reasons Why Owners Are Treating Their Pets Daily

While treats have typically been considered an occasional diversion, there are numerous reasons why treating can be a daily occurrence. In fact, 63% of dog owners and 60% of cat owners now report that they participate in daily treating1. Here are 3 reasons why pet owners are treating their pets daily.

#1 – Healthy Treats Are Widely Available

Dog and cat treats are regularly associated with human treats like junk food, desserts, or unhealthy snacks. However, recent trends in healthy pet products have resulted in new treats making product claims of all-natural, protein-rich, low-calorie, and even organically formulated. These products advertise nutritional value and promote frequent treating that pet parents can feel good about.

Going beyond traditional formats, training treats are made with innovative low-calorie formulations and some dental treats now come with weight management claims. Additionally, both formats can include botanicals and other ingredients that manufacturers claim to support overall wellness.

Overall, the longstanding association of pet treats with unhealthy snacks is becoming a thing of the past. Healthy treats are widely available and allow owners to enjoy the ritual of treating more frequently.

#2 – Supplements Now Come in More Palatable Formats

Pet supplements are a growing segment of the pet industry, offering a way for pet owners to boost their pet’s overall wellness through functional ingredients. Claims made by supplement brands include gut health support through probiotics, joint health support through glucosamine and chondroitin, anxiety relief through botanicals, and much more.

While supplements for pets have been on the market for a while now, some manufacturers have expanded into formats like soft chews that make the experience more palatable for the pet and enjoyable for the owner. Similar to “gummy” supplements for humans, soft chew supplements for pets include a pleasant texture and flavor compared to traditional powders and tablets.

Pet supplements include recommendations for a daily amount, so pet owners can set aside time for their pets to enjoy these supplements every day of the week.

#3 – Humanization Is Driving Owners to Pursue Bonding Experiences

With 70% of pet owners willing to state that they consider their furry friend a family member, it’s no surprise to see pet brands looking for innovative ways to promote human/pet bonding experiences.

Whether it’s an airline dedicated to dog-friendly travel or a coffee shop that offers dog-friendly snacks, companies are recognizing that modern pet owners want to spend quality time with their pet as often as they can. Fostering this connection between the pet and owner is top of mind for pet brands, and new product innovation reflects this emphasis on bonding experiences.

Some of the most recent innovation in pet treats surrounds the emulation of popular human foods such as hamburgers, macarons, donuts, and more. By focusing on humanization and experiential eating, pet brands are making treats more appealing to owners and encouraging new treating experiences.

Summarizing This Snack-Sized Study

Treating may be one of the oldest bonding experiences between humans and animals, and the latest research on treating shows that this ritual is more popular than ever. Today’s growing pet market offers consumers a wide variety of treats that cater to different tastes. Whether they are looking for an affordable treat, a healthy treat, or a human-like format, consumers have numerous kinds of treats and treat brands to choose from.

Given the consistent growth in this segment of the pet industry, there’s no doubt that treats will continue to diversify and revenue will grow as more pet owners engage in daily treating habits. Ultimately, there’s never been a better time for pet brands to jump in and develop innovative new treats that will delight pets and owners alike.

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