Plant and Yeast Protein for Pets

Plant and Yeast Protein for Pets

If humans are benefitting from flexitarian diets, why not allow our pets to reap the same benefits? Read our plant and yeast technical bulletin outlining the impact of human food trends on the pet food industry.

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Human & Pet Diets: Finding Synchronicity

Pet brands often ask, what are the new human diet trends and how do they impact our pets? By going flexitarian, humans are consciously reducing their meat intake and replacing it with plant-based proteins. Pet parents following this diet may try to connect their dietary habits to their pets. Through this downloadable study, you will understand the science behind alternative proteins as this new-wave of ingredients infiltrates pet food.

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More about pet food ingredients

Through ADM’s Pet Nutrition Institute, your questions will be answered. Click the link below to access our latest technical bulletins and white papers on trending topics.

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