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ADM’s cottonseed-derived fermentation nutrients are used in the production of antibiotics, enzymes, steroids, biological pesticides and herbicides.

Whether you’re producing paper, wallboard or corrugated containers, ADM’s range of plant-based starches includes a product that you should consider.

ADM’s plant-based polyols offer a range of functionalities in a variety of personal care, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

ADM probiotics use science-backed ingredients to support the gut microbiome, promote health and wellness and address consumers’ targeted needs.

ADM Biopolis’ HT-BPL1 is a versatile postbiotic targeting measures of metabolic health with clinically documented results.

Ruminants require specific nutrition to meet their needs due to their specific digestive system.

ADM Columbus and Cedar Rapids dry mills as well as ethanol assets from Decatur operations would transition from fuel ethanol to serving growing demand...

Create everything from the heartiest breads to the most delicate and tender pastries with HarvestEdgeTM wheat and whole wheat flours from ADM.

DECATUR, Ill., Jan. 17, 2018— ADM Animal Nutrition™, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), is pleased to announce the addition of ...