Animal Nutrition: Species Solutions

Solving Multi-species Nutritional Challenges Across the Globe

Optimize performance, profitability and efficiency with innovative products and services from ADM. Choose a global integrated solution or a package offer based on your needs. For each and every species that we nourish, we focus on food, nutritional services and consultancy, feed safety and traceability, hygiene and diet.


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Dog & Cat

We Feed them All.

Respond to societal changes, including the rapid rise in aquaculture production and the boom in the pet food market, when you tap into our extensive expertise covering the world’s animal nutrition needs. Our unrivalled capabilities allow us to meet the expectations of our local, national, and international market segments.

Committed to Multi-species Nutrition and Opportunities

Through our Animal Nutrition expertise and capabilities, our worldwide presence, and our team of over 140 species experts, we can provide individualized animal nutrition solutions for each customer and their target markets. Our approach drives innovation, value creation, and differentiation.

Multi-species Opportunities Abound:

  • Global species: poultry, pork, ruminants
  • High-potential species: cat, dog, fish, shrimp
  • Growing niches and profitable species segments: dairy cows, horses, piglets

Focusing on Nutritional Needs of Specific Species at Global Research Centers:

  • U.S.: beef, swine, poultry
  • Mexico: shrimp
  • Brazil: fish, ruminants, pet
  • France: swine, poultry, ruminants, rabbit
  • Vietnam: fish, shrimp, poultry

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