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Everyone with their own dog or cat knows that they are not simply pets, but truly important family members in every household. With the humanization of these furry friends and companions, it’s no surprise that trends in companion animal foods follow those of their pet parents.

A Fully Integrated Pet Nutrition Partner

A Fully Integrated Pet Nutrition Partner

Consumers want pet foods that mirror similar attributes they look for in their own food, from natural to sustainable, and everything in between:

Healthy: Health benefits, wholesome

Proteins: Meaty or with a high protein level (including grain-free products)

Transparency: Traceability of products or ingredients

Super Food: Super ingredients

Customer-focused: Tailor-made

Sustainability: Responsibly sourced and manufactured

Meet the demands of today’s pet food and treat market, with the unsurpassed safety and quality of the right solutions from our pet nutrition experts. The ADM Pet Nutrition team continually capitalizes on the vast resources and services available to us as one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers. Collaborate with us for strategic access to a global network that can help you create the next big thing in pet foods and treats.

Solutions for Industrials

Consumer Brands

Solutions for Pet Food and Treat Manufacturers

As a fully integrated partner, we accompany you every step of the way, from ingredients to finished product development, to make your projects come to life. You’ll benefit from the ADM global origination, transportation, processing and distribution network, as well as our unrivaled expertise in manufacturing services that enables us to maximize our product knowledge and production efficiency for your success.

Consumer Brands

Address a variety of nutritional needs and deliver enhanced performance—and more fun for dogs and cats—with ADM’s broad portfolio. Our pet food solutions include everything from standard to super-premium ranges, with formulas containing flavors, colors and advanced nutritional profiles, for consumer-oriented brands that deliver major market trends.

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