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Nutritional Solutions for Every Stage of Life

Ruminants require specific nutrition to feed their needs due to their specialized digestive system, from the calving stage all the way through to the finishing stage (including milk production for dairy cattle). Meet the nutritional needs of your cattle in all stages of production and in all types of feeding environments, with ruminant nutrition solutions from ADM.

We deliver the right product to cattle at the right time. From hand-fed beef to pasture cattle to feedlots, ADM’s beef feeds are safe, effective and available through a growing network of retail sales, warehouse distributors, manufacturing facilities and sales personnel.

Ruminant Needs

Increase efficiency and benefit animal performance when you select from nutritional aids, minerals and supplements that provide exactly what ruminants need: increased fat content, muscle development, and good roughage, combined with high energy content and a carefully balanced diet.

The Solution for Every Stage

Partner with us, as we use our global approach to ruminant management during every stage of life.

  • For young animals, we pay attention to the weaning age, age at parturition, average daily gain, chest circumference, number of meals per day and body condition.
  • For dairy cattle, we focus on milk production data including lactation curve, quality data including fat and protein percentage and somatic cells count, and herd management including body condition, replacement rate, culling rate, reproduction management and performance.
  • For beef cattle, we review performance data including feed conversion ratio, average daily gain, and carcass yield, as well as meat quality.

Choose from a wide variety of ruminant nutrition advantages including feed additives, a full portfolio of ingredients, and tailor-made premixes and services, as well as complete feed solutions.

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