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For Maximum Margin

Raise the bar and grow herd income over feed cost in all phases of dairy production when you choose ADM for any of your dairy cattle feeds and feeding programs. ADM’s Dairy Solutions® focus on crucial areas involving today’s dairy herd operations: maximizing milk margin and achieving sustainability. Partner with ADM to take advantage of our on-farm consultation, proprietary feed technologies and situational-based dairy programs.

ADM’s Dairy Solutions® brand is a complete assortment of products and ingredients, all supported through continued industry investment in feed manufacturing facilities, research and development, and value-based solutions.

A Sustainable Future

To support more efficient nutrient use and environmental sustainability, ADM dairy feed programs are balanced to minimize excess nutrient excretion.

Choose from a wide variety of dairy cow nutrition advantages including feed additives, a full portfolio of ingredients, and tailor-made premixes and services, as well as complete feed solutions.

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