Ancient Grains & Seeds

Ancient Grains & Seeds for Positive Nutrition, Sustainably Sourced

Ready to tap into the modern consumer’s desire for healthful, less processed, whole food, plant-based ingredients? Ancient grains and seeds to the rescue. No longer relegated to health food stores, products with ancient grains and seeds offer a clean, sustainable, naturally sourced way to provide nutrient-dense foods and beverages featuring plant-based proteins—that just so happen to taste great in the right hands.

The Right Portfolio

Go beyond quinoa with our extensive portfolio of hard-to-source ancient grains and seeds. We also offer the highest-quality chia, flaxseed, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, millet and sorghum. Deliver clean and clear labels and appealing label claims such as non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and non-allergen. Count on us to help you tackle challenges that impact both manufacturing processes and formulations, helping you to keep up with changing consumer preferences and regulatory guidelines.

Innovative Expertise

Ancient grains and seeds are packed with nutrients, but their earthy and grassy or nutty flavor profiles can be challenging for formulators intent on delivering nutrition, functionality and good taste. We’ve spent years learning how to create the right blends of ancient grains, nuts and seeds for maximum flavor acceptance, and leverage our complementary masking and flavor ingredients to deliver the taste and texture consumers will love, without sacrificing any nutrients. We are a hands-on partner, dedicated to offering both turnkey solutions and customized formulations that add value throughout the commercialization process.

Sustainable Supply

While ancient grains and seeds may be trendy, we’ve been the leader for years, investing in a safe, reliable, high-quality and sustainable supply chain. Our ancient grain and seeds portfolio offers traceability, clear labeling and a wholesome sourcing story that ups your brand’s appeal, especially to health and environmentally conscious consumers.

Choose from our extensive portfolio of Ancient Grains & Seeds:

  • Amaranth
  • Barley
  • Buckwheat
  • Chia
  • Flax Seed
  • Hemp Seed
  • Millet
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Sorghum
  • Sunflower Seed

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