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Portfolio + Expertise for Consumer-Pleasing Plant-Based Proteins

Lean toward beans packed with protein & wholesome goodness.

Consumers want the latest when it comes to alternative proteins that feed their demand for plant-based nutrition, but they also demand great taste and texture. Beans and pulses have it all—packed with protein, fiber and other essential nutrients, and the ability to give your products great taste and texture, all wrapped up in a gluten-, allergen- and GMO-free package. And, when it comes to plant-based protein solutions, the experts at ADM have the proprietary consumer insights, proven technical know-how and broad portfolio of ingredients to help you develop products with real consumer appeal.

Decades of proteins expertise

We put the pro in protein. There's a real science to crafting amazing protein products, and we know as well as you do that there's more to it than simply "dropping in" protein or flavor. Our R&D experts know the mechanics of taste, the impact of various ingredients have on one another—and how to bring it all together to get you to market quickly and successfully. We work with you side-by-side at one of our state-of-the-art applications labs or at your place, until we’ve got a product consumers will love.

Second-to-none plant-based protein ingredient portfolio

Bean and pulse ingredients can go a long way towards delivering the nutritional punch and great taste and texture today’s consumers want from alternative protein products. That’s why we carry a full line of bean and pulse ingredients to help you deliver consumer-pleasing nutrition. They are just one part of our extensive portfolio of nutrient dense, plant-based protein ingredients. We know what each ingredient does for taste, texture, nutrition, color and functionality—giving you more solutions, because we are the plant-based protein experts.

Meeting consumer demand

These days, consumers want healthier choices. Foods that are packed with nutrition, minimally processed, sustainably sourced, and good for the environment. They’re concerned about dietary needs and are always on the lookout for gluten-free, allergen-free foods high in protein and fiber. And, of course, they want them to taste great. Beans and pulses answer the call for great-tasting, protein-forward foods.

Better-for-you, better for the earth

Beans and pulses are great for the environment, and they have several attributes that support sustainable sourcing. As legumes, they draw nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil, which reduces the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers and reduces runoff into waterways. Beans and pulses are also low water-use crops, and can maintain yields even in drought conditions. They also improve soil fertility and biodiversity, and their root structures stabilize soil and reduce erosion.

Even better, our processing facility in Enderlin, North Dakota supports operations by utilizing sunflower seed hulls and other biomass cogeneration, which reduces waste and environmental impact.

Sustainable Supply

Our robust, vertically integrated supply chain means more than just high quality and consistency—you only get the best of the best bean and pulse ingredients. How? We are a leader in sustainable supply, with global supply chain integrity and quality assurance supported by an impressive system of 450 crop procurement locations, more than 330 food and feed ingredient manufacturing facilities, 62 innovation centers and the world’s premier crop transportation network.

The Right Products

With an unrivaled portfolio including a vast selection of high-quality bean and pulse ingredients, we offer virtually every type of plant-based ingredient you need to give consumers the great taste, texture and nutrition they demand.

Whole Triple-Cleaned Beans
Small Red

Beans & Pulses
Available in whole dehy, grits, meals and powders
Also available in conventional or organic

Black Bean
Chickpea (also roasted & seasoned)
Fava Beans (also roasted & seasoned)
Great northern beans
Green Lentil
Green Pea
Navy Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Lentil
Small Red Beans
Yellow Pea

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