Color Your World From Nature

Delivering a Rainbow of Opportunities through Color Expertise

Consumers often hear conflicting information about how to make healthy choices, but one message that they understand, loud and clear, is that artificial colors often aren’t the best choice. “No artificial colors” is a package claim consumers along the entire spectrum of health consciousness feel good about—and it’s one you can deliver with our complete portfolio of Colors from Nature®, backed by our formulation experts and technical teams, regional and global understanding of regulations and more than 100 year heritage of delivering plant-based solutions with maximum consumer visual and taste appeal.

We believe in the adage, “You eat with your eyes first.” Otherwise tasty foods and beverages may sit on the shelf if they don’t offer eye appeal. Color plays a vital role in delighting the senses, differentiating flavor expectations and aiding in taste perceptions. Whether you want to match and replace artificial options or innovate in your category, we know how important color is to the formulation process—and no one knows naturally derived colors like we do.

An Unparalleled Portfolio, Sourced from Nature

Our on-trend, plant-based and naturally sourced portfolio helps you deliver clean and clear labels without sacrificing functionality or performance. We work with farmers and growers all over the world to deliver the best colors sourced from nature. Our ingenious experts constantly search for new raw materials and technologies to deliver an almost infinite palette of colors, manage costs and improve product stability. It’s all backed by our industry-leading global supply chain and unwavering commitment to quality and consistency.

More Than Just Color

We aren’t just color experts. We look at formulations holistically, so you can draw from our synergistic pantry of ingredients and deliver the color, taste, function, nutrition and labeling your customers prefer—all from one trusted partner. Whether you want to rely on us from start to finish, or just need to supplement your in-house expertise, our experienced team knows what it takes to leverage naturally derived ingredients for maximum consumer appeal.

Tap into our sophisticated capabilities:

  • Extraction expertise
  • Coloring food know-how
  • Emulsion technology (cloudy & clear)
  • Adsorption-desorption
  • Evaporation & concentration
  • Filtration
  • State-of-the-art color formulation and blending technology
  • Aseptic processing & packaging
  • Spray drying
  • Micronization

Colorful Results

Consumer demand for colorful foods and beverages is growing. We can help you get your next product to market faster and with more confidence thanks to insights into what is driving today’s—and tomorrow’s—sales, along with access to food designers, culinary experts and product developers who speak your language. Rapid prototyping and development sprints deliver actionable results, coupled with flavor and formulation solutions.

Leading the Way

We take into account all of your toughest color challenges—ascorbic acid, heat, pH, light, packaging, color interactions, regulations, solubility, shelf life, taste and cost—to deliver colorful solutions that work for your applications. Our broad portfolio, patented ingredients and proprietary technology deliver the entire spectrum of colors for most bakery, beverage & alcoholic drinks, confectionery, cereals, dairy & dairy alternatives, ice cream, pasta, snacks, meat and meat-alternative products, pet food and sauce & dressings applications.

We offer titanium dioxide (TiO2) free/replacement, carmine replacements, brown from natural sources (caramel replacement), patented acid and heat stable blue from natural sources, naturally derived green and purple, complete range of artificial replacement, preservative free solutions—and more!

All are derived from nature and many can allow for organic, kosher, Non-BE and halal claims, along with clean labels. Only we can offer:

Patented Acid & Heat Stable Blue
Sourced from fruit, this true blue enables natural solutions for blue, green, purple and brown

Patented Clear Emulsion
Delivers heat, light and acid stable colors without opacity during expected shelf life

Proprietary Extraction Technology
Provides blue from spirulina, and pink, red and purple shades from anthocyanins

Our portfolio comes available in different formats to meet a variety of applications—powder, liquids, water and oil soluble, dispersions, emulsions, micronized, spray dry and various blends. For animal nutrition AAFCO Natural and AAFCO compliant options are available. Choose from:

Color Type Portfolio OptionsForms AvailableSolubilitypH Stability GMO Status
BlackFruit Juice Black BlendPowder or emulsionWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
BlueFruit JuicePowder, liquid or micronized Water and oil soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
BlueSpirulinaPowder, liquid or micronized Water soluble>4.5Non-GMO
Brown Fruit Juice Brown BlendPowder or emulsionWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Green Chlorophyll Powder or liquidWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Green Fruit Juice Green BlendPowder or emulsionWater and oil soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Green Spirulina Green BlendPowder, liquid or micronized Water soluble >4.5Non-GMO
Orange Apo - 8 CarotenalLiquid or emulsionWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Orange Carrot JuiceLiquid Water soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Orange PaprikaPowder, liquid or emulsionWater and oil soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
PurpleFruit Juice Purple BlendPowder or liquidWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
PurpleSpirulina Purple BlendPowderWater soluble>4.5Non-GMO
RedAnthocyanins (from juices of
Black Carrot, Elderberry,
Red Cabbage, Red Radish)
Powder or liquidWater and oil soluble<4.5Non-GMO
RedBeetPowder, liquid or micronized Water and oil soluble<4.5Non-GMO
RedCochineal / Carmine Powder or liquidWater and oil soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
White CloudPowder or emulsionWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Yellow Beta CarotenePowder, liquid or emulsionWater and oil soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Yellow SafflowerLiquidWater soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO
Yellow TurmericPowder, liquid,
emulsion or micronized
Water and oil soluble 2.5-8.0 Non-GMO
Yellow / Orange AnnattoPowder, liquid or micronized Water and oil soluble 3.5-8.0 Non-GMO
Customized Specialty
We leverage our
broad portfolio and
technical expertise
to create customized solutions for your
Powder, liquid,
emulsion or micronized
Water and oil soluble2.5-8.0Non-GMO

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