View just a few of the many successful product types which can include VegeFull. Naturally packed with nutrition and non-GMO, using VegeFull means you can keep your product gluten-free with the addition of corn, rice, potato, sorghum and tapioca (if necessary). Add the power of VegeFull to your label!

So Many Trends, So Many Applications

No matter what the better-for-you food trend, beans have it covered.

These days, consumers want healthier choices. Foods that are packed with nutrition, sustainably sourced, good for the environment and minimally processed. They’re concerned about dietary needs and are always on the lookout for gluten-free, allergen-free foods high in protein and fiber. And, they want it to taste good.

Check, check, check, check and check.

Truth is, beans, in addition to their indisputable nutritional benefits, are highly versatile and functional, and are available in a variety of forms and flavors that can be added to just about any food application. For instance, beans and VegeFull™ cooked ground bean ingredients have already been added to tortillas, brownies, cookies, snacks, cereals, pizza, soups, pasta, crackers, chips, sauces, dips and more—allowing manufacturers to load them up with nutrition, while keeping taste and texture intact.

Edible beans are even making their way into pet food as the demand for pet foods that are gluten- and grain-free, as well as high in protein, vegetable and fiber content, continues to rise. Click here to learn more about Vegefull Pet Food applications.

The Power of Beans: Case Studies

How can edible beans work for you? Check out our case studies to see just how versatile and powerful beans can be.

Changing Consumer Perspectives

Making consumers aware of the nutritional benefits of beans has never been difficult. It’s getting them past all their other preconceptions that can sometimes be a challenge. In this case study, ADM confronts beans’ biggest image problems head-on.