Great Northern Bean


Beryl R has high resistance (HR) to all prevalent strains of rust. It has good yield potential, combined early maturity and wide adaptability. It is well-regarded for its ability to produce under a wide array of conditions and production practices.

GN 99131

GN 99131 is an upright, short vine, medium profile variety that arches over. It is a high yielding, early maturing variety suitable for replanting and late plantings, and is similar in maturity to Ivory. GN 99131 is best utilized on strong ground due to its shorter vine. It also has acceptable canning characteristics.


Marquis is a broadly adapted variety with strong and consistent yield performance. It is most similar to Beryl R and has shown itself to be a good option for producers in spreading varietal risk. When compared to Beryl R, Marquis has slightly more vine and yield potential depending on the production year and field situation. This variety is known for its strong production and good seed quality characteristics, and is adapted to a broad array of production conditions.


Orion is an upright medium profile variety. It is similar in plant type to Beryl, but more upright. Orion has a larger and more consistent seed size than beryl from year to year. Overall, Orion has demonstrated better canning quality than Beryl in four canning trials with Michigan State University.


Ivory is an early, uniform maturing bean with a short vine and an open plant habit. It has the equivalent amount of vine as US 1140 (D76067). Ivory is an ideal variety to maximize yields on fertile soils where varieties with more vine may become too dense with foliage. The seed size averages 1,500 seeds/lb. which is approximately the same as “UI 59”. Ivory is more uniform than “Harris” in vine type and maturity. In Nebraska field trials Ivory has shown to be approximately one week earlier than “Harris”.