Quality Control

Every Seedwest seed is produced with quality in mind. A stringent quality assurance program ensures our seeds are superior, both inside and out.

To provide customers with genetically pure, virtually disease-free seed, Seedwest maintains a rigorous seed stock program and strictly monitors production and harvesting. Along with regular field and windrow inspections, every combine is inspected and, if necessary, cleaned before entering a field.

After harvest, all seed is meticulously cleaned using state-of-the-art equipment including mills, destoners, aspirators, rice mills, electric eyes, and handpick tables. In addition, all milling and processing equipment is completely emptied and cleaned between each variety, followed by a contrasting class lot to ensure purity.

Seedwest seed is GMO-free — no genetically modified organisms are used in production or in research and development. In addition, the seed is identity preserved. A designated number follows each bulk box of seed during processing, treating, and packaging. That means every seed can be traced back to the grower, field, and variety.

All crops and seed must pass seed agency standards. Seedwest seed is produced under the crop improvement certification program, the state Department of Agriculture inspection program, and under licensing agreements with private companies.

A Seedwest Seed’s Life


Seeds are sampled for germination both upon receipt and after packaging, and then sent for outside analysis.


Seeds are treated using one of the most effective, safe treatments on the market. For dry beans, that is Maxim®/Apron XL®/Lorsban® and a polymer slurry coating, which almost eliminates “dusting off” problems, protecting seed handlers. Pea and lima bean seed receive similar treatments.


Each seed bag receives a tag that contains the purity evaluation, germination, seed treatment, classification, and seed count.


After treating, the seed is bagged, palletized, and shrink-wrapped or packed in bulk totes to reduce damage during shipment.