Emulsifiers & Hydrocolloids

A Little Quality Goes a Long Way

You’ve crafted the perfect flavor profile. You’ve balanced your formulation to tick all of the target audience requirements listed in your product brief. Now, you need to bring it together—literally. That’s where our line of  emulsifiers and hydrocolloids come in.

Put our high-quality emulsifier products to work: to promote even blending and mixing, as release agents to ensure clean separation, as instantizers to help proteins and other materials disperse in aqueous systems, or as a nutritional source. Use our hydrocolloid offerings to boost viscosity and provide stability while providing consistent functionality, improved dispersion, fast hydration and superior clarity.

No matter your lecithin needs, we deliver a diverse plant-based, renewable portfolio backed by one of the largest company-owned logistics networks and a wide global footprint of lecithin production. And, solve your most challenging functional needs and label requirements with our safe and renewable xanthan gum, U.S.-produced for the strictest quality control and assured supply. 

And no one knows better than we do how to get the most out of these two ingredients, no matter what your formulation challenges. So you get peace of mind and performance—and the finishing touch for your consumer-pleasing product.

A Legacy of Expertise

ADM continues to grow our legacy of expertise across functional texture ingredients—polyols, emulsifiers, and hyrdocolloids—that began in the 1940s, as the first company in the U.S. to make commercial soy lecithin. Our plant-based emulsifiers and hydrocolloids provide reliable quality and our distribution network ensures a dependable supply. Leverage our technical expertise—we work with you to create customizable solutions to increase your speed to market.

Sustainable Supply

ADM’s partnership with sustainable growers provides the highest quality ingredients and consistency, from field to market. Unlike many other emulsifier and hydrocolloid products, ours are fully derived from plants and produced in the U.S. via fermentation from plant-based sources at our own dedicated Decatur plant.

ADM PurelyForm™ Emulsifier Options

ADM offers a variety of lecithins derived from soy, canola/rapeseed or sunflower. Lecithin’s unique properties can modify the boundary layers between many types of substances. In the presence of two immiscible liquid phases, our lecithin reduces the surface tension and acts as an emulsifier. When used between a solid and a liquid phase, it acts as a wetting and dispersing agent. When used between solid phases, it acts as a lubricant or release agent.

Soy Fluid Lecithin

  • Derived from finely cleaned and filtered soybean oil, which results in neutral taste, low iron content and a low bacteriological value. Careful processing conditions guarantee stability and optimum emulsification and wetting characteristics.
  • A series of complex lecithin products with low viscosity, sprayable at ambient temperature, and used in lipophilic instantizing applications.
  • Edible blends of soy lecithin and other surface-active ingredients. Products available for low, as well as, high HLB applications.
  • Modified lecithins with enhanced oil-in-water emulsification performance.
  • IP and PCR are negative options.

Non-GMO Fluid Lecithin

  • From non-GMO sunflower (also non-allergen)
  • From non-GMO rapeseed (canola) 
  • From non-GMO soy

Deoiled Lecithin 

Derived from a natural source to give a cleaner label, our unique ultra filtered deoiled lecithin is ideal for food and nutritional applications requiring a dry lecithin with a bland flavor and low aroma. Created through an ultrafiltration process, it ensures unmatched quality and exceptional purity. It provides excellent emulsification properties in reduced fat and flavor-sensitive applications. It also plays a vital role in many animal nutrition applications. This versatile deoiled lecithin may be used as a stand-along emulsifier or in an emulsification system. It is available in three different granulation sizes: fine granule, granule and powder. 

ADM PurelyForm™ Hydrocolloid Options 

Rely on our xanthan gum for higher viscosity—our thicker, low-shear viscosity product means you may use 8-10% less than others. We offer superior functionality, with improved clarity, fast hydration and improved dispersion—and all gluten free. We offer a non-GMO/GE strain that helps you deliver organic, non-GMO and vegan/vegetarian label claims.

PurelyForm™ Xanthan Gum 

Also offered with high levels of transparency for clear solutions:

  • PurelyForm™ XG 200 & PurelyForm™ XG 200T
  • PurelyForm™ XG 80 & PurelyForm™ XG 80T
  • PurelyForm™ XG 80 FH & PurelyForm™ XG 80 TFH
  • PurelyForm™ XG 40 & PurelyForm™ XG 40T

PurelyForm™ XG D Transparent & Agglomerated Xanthan Gum 

Offering best dispersion results and a clear solution

PurelyForm™ products for superior hydration & dispersion across difficult media 

  •  PurelyForm™  XG 200T Plus & PurelyForm™  XG 80T Plus

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