Who knew fiber could be smooth and creamy?

Use Fibersol®-2 digestion resistant maltodextrin in your dairy products and consumers will start looking at fiber in a whole new way!

Compatible with All Dairy Products
Fibersol-2, digestion resistant maltodextrin (90+% water soluble dietary fiber), is compatible with all dairy product applications. This includes fluid, frozen, cultured and fermented dairy foods. Fibersol-2 is stable under all processing and packaging conditions. Fibersol-2 adds no viscosity, color, or flavor to foods to which it is added.

Improve Flavor, Mouthfeel and Sweetness
Fibersol-2 can significantly improve the flavor of dairy foods by influencing taste (i.e., mouthfeel). This includes dairy foods which may be sweetened with a variety of high intensity sweeteners, making these sweeteners truly more “sugarlike”. Fibersol-2 also improves the flavor of low solids dairy foods, classical acidic products and dairy foods to which other flavors may be added.

…it’s the fiber you want

For Gut Health Products
Studies show that Fibersol-2 is digestion resistant, and this translates to more of the fiber reaching the lower bowel to promote fermentation there. This provides potential benefits for gut health and can support “good -for-you” structure/function claims.

For Reduced/ Low/ No Fat and Low Calorie Dairy Foods
Fibersol-2 is fully compatible with classical opportunities including reduced/low/no fat, low/no lactose, low/no sugars,and/or reduced/ low calorie dairy foods.

For No Sugar Added and Sugar-Free Dairy Foods and Beverages
Fibersol-2 can be used up to 10 g (dry basis) to any given food and still add only 0.40 g “sugars” to any given formulation. This is well beyond more typical application rates of ~ 2.8 g (2.5 g dietary fiber) and ~ 5.6 g (5.0 g dietary fiber) Fibersol-2 for “good source” and “excellent source” of dietary fiber nutrient content claims, respectfully*. Fibersol-2 contains very few simple sugars for your consideration of a “no added sugars” or “sugar-free” claim (21CFR10160)

*Additional qualifications apply


Fluid Dairy Type Products

  • Fortified milks and milk drinks
  • Flavored milks and milk drinks
  • Yogurt beverages
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee whiteners (including flavored whiteners)/creamers
  • Whipped toppings
  • UHT extended shelf-life (ESL) or aseptically packaged

Cultured Dairy Type Products

  • Refrigerated cup yogurts
  • Pro-biotic products
  • Sour cream, dips, dressings
  • Cottage cheese
  • Kefir and other cultured dairy foods

Frozen Type Products (full fat, reduced fat, low)

  • Frozen desserts
  • No sugar added (NSA) frozen desserts
  • True sugar free frozen desserts
  • Low/reduced fat ice creams
  • Gelato, sorbet, water ices
  • Full, low, no fat frozen yogurts
  • Novelties
  • Other frozen dairy confections

Fermented Type Products

  • Natural cheeses
  • Processed cheeses

Fibersol2 Dairy Final HQ

Fibersol2 Dairy Final HQ