Nutritional Information

Feeding studies in animals and humans spanning more than 15 years have shown the impact of Fibersol®-2 digestion resistant maltodextrin as an ingredient that helps to maintain intestinal regularity and help retain healthy serum triglycerides. Although Fibersol-2 digestion resistant maltodextrin is made from corn starch, data suggests that Fibersol-2 digestion resistant maltodextrin itself may not cause an appreciable increase in blood glucose levels following consumption. Thus unlike maltodextrin or glucose, Fibersol-2 digestion resistant maltodextrin would be useful in foods formulated to create minimal increases in post meal blood glucose levels. For more information, please visit

NutrientPer 1 gram of ingredients
Total Calories1.6kcal/g
Total Fat0.00 g
Saturated Fat0.00 g
Trans Fat0.00 g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.00 g
Monounsaturated Fat0.00 g
Cholesterol0.00 mg
Sodium0.01 mg
Potassium0.00 mg
Total Carbohydrate0.96 g
Dietary Fiber0.90 g
Soluble Fiber0.90 g
Insoluble Fiber0.00 g
Sugars0.02 g
Sugar Alcohol0.00 g
Other Carbohydrate0.04 g
Protein0.00 g
Vitamin A0 IU
Vitamin C0 IU
Calcium0.00 g
Iron0.00 g
Moisture0.04 g

The scientifically determined energy value for Fibersol-2 is 1.6 kcal/gram. When calculating energy content of complex foods containing Fibersol-2, use 1.4 kcal/g for the fiber portion contributed by Fibersol-2 as measured by AOAC 2001.03. Note that this rounded value yields a lower than actual Fibersol-2 energy value when applying the energy factors for carbohydrate/protein/fat/fiber to the typical composition values provided.