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Flavors, Extracts, Distillates

Savor the Possibilities

Flavors & Extracts for Optimum Taste

Year after year, the number one driver for food and beverage purchasing decisions—more than price, healthiness, convenience and sustainability—remains taste. If a product doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t matter how many other consumer buttons it pushes; it won’t be successful.

So year after year, food and beverage experts rely on our flavor creation team—flavor scientists, certified chefs, food scientists and consumer research specialists—to collaborate across a range of markets, tapping into our broad portfolio, identifying how we can best support new product development or matching needs to create superior integrated taste solutions your consumer prefers, every time.

Ingenuity You Can Rely On

No one knows the world of plants like we do. We are where plants, technology and expertise come together to create the highest quality natural flavors and ingredients. We leverage an extract-distillation process designed just for flavor extracts to deliver 100% natural, highly concentrated flavors standardized from crop-to-crop and season-to-season. Our broad portfolio of proprietary ingredients and blends helps to improve the taste experience of the tasty foods and beverages your customers demand. We offer sweetness modulation, mouthfeel enhancement, flavor enhancement, flavor masking and salt reduction solutions across a range of applications and specialize in:

Protein Taste Solutions
We have developed a range of exceptional flavors designed to mask off notes associated with plant protein sources.

Sweetness Modulation
Natural Flavors that modify the profile of natural sweeteners reducing off notes and imparting mouthfeel

Taste modifiers that promote umami, kokumi & salty profiles that are labelled as natural flavor

An Impressive Portfolio of Flavor Solutions

Bring your flavor challenge to our team of experts. We will work side-by-side with you to find the right flavor solution, whether a standardized system or a custom blend.

  • Natural Flavors
  • Living Wellness Flavors
  • Varietal & Provenance
  • Taste Technologies
  • Best-in-class Mint Flavor
  • Responsibly-Sourced, Traceable Vanilla
  • Leading Citrus Flavor Extraction

Quality Assurance

Our robust supply chain sources unique varietal raw materials, selected for quality and taste from selected growing regions. The cherry on top of this delicious cake? Simplified traceability, standardized quality year-round, increased reliability and proprietary formulations for your brand.


Tap into our traceable vanilla solutions with a best-in-class, direct-from-the-farmer supply chain. Because we connect with farmers all over the world, our vanilla is high quality, cost effective and traceable. A leader in organic vanilla solutions, we partnered with the first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans in Madagascar. You and your customers can feel good about the investments we make in our grower communities, including agronomy, education and health initiatives. And, our technical expertise and state-of-the-art extraction systems ensure quality and reliability while our superb logistical network delivers uninterrupted supply. We offer:

  • Pure vanilla extracts
  • Cured vanilla beans
  • Spent vanilla beans
  • Vanilla paste
  • Natural and Natural/Artificial vanilla flavors

Kosher, TTB-certified, Organic


Here’s a juicy secret—the key to delivery good citrus flavor is not just our cutting-edge citrus extraction and distillation techniques. It’s our global strategic sourcing of citrus oils and juices, long-term supplier relationships, and our in-depth understanding of volatile citrus market. Add in our gentle, cold extraction processes for whole fruit extracts, selective concentration for all folding levels, plus comprehensive separation and fractionation technologies. Need to combine citrus with a base? Need complete product ideation and development support? Prefer full-service turnkey solutions? Our experts have you covered. Talking about turning lemons into lemonade.

Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit and mandarin, different varietals and sources

Product Range
Low-, mid- and high-folded oils; full range fractions and isolates ex citrus; whole-fruit extracts; special product lines for increased stability or solubility; and add-back flavors

Kosher, Halal, Reach-certified products, TTB-certified, Organic


Ready for a fresh idea? How about a naturally sourced, clean-label mint extract flavor that works in your formulation without worrying about a bitter menthol taste. It starts with our Plant Science Research program’s proprietary, non-GMO and sustainably sourced mint varieties, specially bred to help you create the sensorial experiences your customers crave. Our redistillation methods enhance the pure profiles of our mint oils and flavors, while our mint blends and flavors are hand-crafted by experts to create complex and unique flavor experiences—the perfect balance of freshness and long-lasting cooling sensation. For more than 150, we’ve been the leaders in mint, bringing you consistent, high quality mint solutions for food, beverage, confection and oral care products along with a reliable supply chain. We offer:

  • Natural mint oils
  • Proprietary non-GMO varietals
  • Mint flavors
  • Redistilled oils & fractions
  • Menthol
  • Menthone
  • Menthyl acetate
  • Aroma ingredients
  • Cooling compounds & systems

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