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Boosting Consumer Appeal With Plant-Based Functional Ingredients

Discerning consumers demand nutrition-plus foods and beverages that help them get the most out of the food and beverage choices they make. Products that support healthy living or healthy aging claims often command a premium. Our expertise across a wide portfolio of ingredients, including important functional ingredients, combined with our insights into regulatory requirements and commitment to quality assurance, offer you the opportunity to deliver consumer-pleasing foods, beverages and supplements that not only support healthy living, but taste great and meet all of your brand guidelines.

More Choices, More Claims

Tell us what claims you want to support, and we will work with you to identify the right ingredient from our extensive portfolio.

Elevate your label and improve your products’ nutritional and functional profile with our standardized botanical extracts, which provide a variety of on-trend benefits, including immunity through Vitamin C, skin health through polyphenols, and energy through natural caffeine. Non-standardized extracts enable products to contain fruit and vegetables. Options include powders and liquids, and run the gamut from acerola, anthocyamin, beta-carotene and green tea, to special anti-oxidant blends.

Appeal to consumers looking to limit their carbohydrate intake yet maintain energy with our MCT Oil. It’s the plant-based, on-trend keto diet-friendly solution that helps consumers with weight management and metabolic health. Clinical study data show that MCT has a post-meal effect on consuming less subsequent food energy following a meal. MCT helps provide a state of ketosis leading to increased energy, and it may increase focus/cognition.

Decanox™ Plant-Based Antioxidant Solutions
Finish your wining formulation by ensuring maxiumum safety and shelf life. Our preservation portfolio provides natural clean/clear label solutions that are customizable, deliver superior performance, and help manage cost targets while successfully meeting consumer needs. Choose from a variety of customizable oils and powders, sourced from label-friendly rosemary and green tea extracts and mixed tocopherols.

Gen Y and Millennials are looking for every day wellness and performance support. Baby boomers and older want healthy aging solutions. In fact, consumers across all demographics are increasingly relying on their dietary choices to deliver solutions for specific health concerns.

Carefully sourced from nature and backed by our superlative supply chain management and quality assurance processes, our holistic health and wellness portfolio includes plant sterols, anti-oxidant solutions, soy isoflavones, plant-based oils and vitamins, functional botanical extracts, and more. Tap into our technical ingenuity and product development expertise to find the right solution with maximum consumer appeal and the package claims you chose to deliver. From general concerns such as weight management, muscle and joint health and stress relief to more specific solutions for menopause symptoms and even UV protection, we have you covered. We offer ingredients that may help:

Cognitive Health
Support mental focus and clarity, healthy brain function

Digestive Health
Foster gut health and biome diversity, work with specific diets such as gluten-free

Heart Health
Prevent heart disease by enabling healthy function and managing cholesterol levels

Immune Health
Support healthy cell function, immune system response

Healthy Living
Address stress and anxiety, weight management, UV protection

Healthy Aging
Promote muscle and joint health, skin conditions, menopause

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