Fluid Lecithins

ADM fluid lecithins are applicable in a wide variety of food processing applications. As an emulsifier, fluid lecithin is used in the manufacturing of margarine and vegetable-based milk replacements. It is the active ingredient in many food-grade release agents such as pan oils, griddle greases and aerosol coatings. It is also used to alter viscosity in chocolate products and compound coatings. In bread baking applications, fluid lecithin acts to improve dough machinability, volume, symmetry and shelf life. In crackers, cookies, cakes and pies, it improves shortening dispersion and acts as a release agent.


  • Adlec™: A native soybean lecithin produced from finely cleaned and filtered soybean oil, which results in neutral taste, low iron content and a low bacteriological value. Careful processing conditions guarantee stability and optimum emulsification and wetting characteristics.
  • Beakin™: A series of complexed lecithin products with low viscosity, sprayable at ambient temperature, and used in lipophilic instantising applications
  • Performix™: Edible blends of soy lecithin and other surface-active ingredients. Products available for low, as well as, high HLB applications
  • Thermolec™: Modified lecithins with enhanced oil-in-water emulsification performance
  • Yelkin™: Series of standardized lecithins that provide moisture retention and emulsification in high viscosity applications

Applications and benefits

  • Confectionery
    • Promotes even blending of ingredients
    • Increases softness and decreases tackiness in chewing gum
    • Prevents sticking and increases softness in caramel
    • Improves gloss and enhances uniformity and homogeneity
    • Reduces the effect of sugar and fat bloom
  • Baked Goods  
    • Ensures even mixing
    • Facilitates moisture retention
    • Acts as an egg yolk sparing agent
    • Improves crumb texture in cakes
  • Canned Foods
    • Reduces fat cap during retort process
    • Helps bind fat and keep it in suspension
  • Dairy Products
    • Functional at low levels
    • Improves mouthfeel
    • Enhances structure and firmness of whipped products
    • Improves dispersion of protein in coffee whiteners 
    • Improves interaction between powder and water
  • Human Nutrition
    • Important in brain chemistry and liver function
    • Helps lower serum cholesterol
    • Provides a valuable source of choline
    • Reverses fatty liver that can develop with prenatal nutrition
    • Better prevents atherosclerosis when compared to eggs
  • Instant Foods
    • Improves dispersal of high-fat powders
    • Enhances hydration of high-protein ingredients
    • Prevents separation of fats
    • Improves steam-table resistance
  • Reduced-Fat Baked Goods
    • Improves moisture retention and shelf life
    • Increases shortening effect
    • Decreases stickiness of dough
    • Improves crumb texture and uniformity
    • Easily used in conjunction with other emulsifiers
  • Release Agents
    • Forms fluid lipid barriers
    • Ensures quick, clean separation
    • Available for spray or brush applications
    • Easily used with other high-moisture specialty formulas
  • Snack Foods
    • Facilitates even distribution of ingredients
    • Improves texture and mouthfeel

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