Mint Oils & Extracts

With A.M. Todd’s nearly 150 year heritage of mint industry leadership, ADM is a world-leading provider of natural mint oils and mint flavors. 

We have a 65-year old commitment to sustainable mint agriculture techniques supported by our innovative and industry-leading Plant Science Research Program. This program continues to yield significant benefits for farmers, the environment, developers and consumers. Through the program, we’ve successfully developed new mint varieties—through non-genetically engineered practices—which are disease resistant, deliver higher yields and provide better quality and more consistent flavors.  

People want great-tasting foods, drinks, snacks and lifestyle products that satisfy their needs for nourishment, enrichment, wellness and delight. With our deep understanding of consumers and the industry’s most advanced portfolio of mint ingredients, we can help you find the best solutions for your needs, when and where you need them, to deliver consumer-preferred results. 

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