Plant-based Proteins to Feed Your Food Business

When you want to strengthen your product line with the inherent goodness of plant-based proteins, look to ADM. We’re the protein pros, with an unrivaled portfolio of on-trend ingredients, and the leading expertise to help you get to market faster with products that today’s consumers love.

These natural sources of high-quality protein support consumer demand for satiety, performance, energy and wellness. ADM’s vast selection of protein ingredients allows you develop the perfect look, flavor, aroma, taste and texture. We offer:

  • Custom Proteins
  • Edible Beans & Pulses
  • Heritage Grains
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Protein Chips & Grits
  • Protein Flours
  • Protein Isolates & Concentrates
  • Textured Proteins

Snack, meal, sauce or beverage…whatever you’re looking to punch up with protein, let us help you innovate to win with your consumers.

Proteins Infographic

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