Dairy Alternatives

Whether due to lactose intolerance, for general health, or out of concern for the environment, consumers the world over look to soy-based dairy alternatives for taste and nutrition because it’s both heart-healthy and cholesterol-free. ADM offers an array of ingredients designed to help you formulate soy-based alternatives that have great flavor, mouthfeel, and nutritional value alike.

ADM’s highly soluble soy proteins — including Arcon®, Ardex® and Pro-Fam® — are flexible enough to provide the performance you require in almost any dairy-alternative application, from soy milks and yogurts to soy cream cheeses, sour creams, frozen treats, and beyond.

  • Bland flavor
  • Smooth mouthfeel
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent stabilization
  • Bright white color

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Dairy substitute for neutral beverages