Nutritional Feeding

With the growing emphasis on improving child nutrition to combat obesity and other health issues, ADM offers a multitude of soy protein products designed to deliver complete protein to children. School lunches, nutritional beverages, and snacks all rely on safe, high-quality ADM proteins.

Adequate and accurate protein delivery is critical in nutritional feeding products. The quality and clean taste profile of ADM proteins is a perfect formulation choice for this category. The ADM soy product portfolio with its range of functional properties also helps us match both nutritional and process application needs. ADM’s scientists and applications experts are experienced in developing formulations to fit your application needs, or in modifying existing formulas with the most effective products. Since we control our supply chain, working with ADM guarantees the safety, quality, and performance essential to such vital markets.

  • Safe and reliable soy supply
  • High protein quality
  • Application flexibility
  • Diverse functional range
  • Bland flavor
  • High acceptance

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