Market Segments

A leader in the soy protein industry for over 20 years, ADM is the premier self-contained, full-line manufacturer of soy proteins. Our extensive line of soy proteins – isolates, concentrates, TVP® (textured vegetable protein), TVC® (textured vegetable crumbles), soy flours and soy grits – serve a variety of markets, and we excel at working with customers to develop forward-thinking solutions to fit virtually any need.

Healthy Aging

There are now more people in the United States over the age of 60 than under the age of 10, and populations in Europe and Asia are aging as well. As that trend continues, maintaining a balanced, well-rounded diet will become a more important issue than ever before. Since an adequate daily protein intake helps ensure good health and prolong the quality of life, ADM offers a variety of soy protein solutions – from meat analogs to bars, beverages, and more – designed to help your customers maintain optimal health for years to come.

Weight Management

It’s no secret that weight management has become a primary concern at the dawn of the 21st century. Protein and fiber have become key nutrients in foods that promote satiety and reduce the tendency to overeat. Soy proteins from ADM deliver protein and, unlike animal proteins, may deliver fiber for use in various weight management platforms being sought by consumers around the world, as they strive to achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles in many different ways through food variety and satiety.

Children’s Health

When it comes to helping children make healthy eating choices, soy proteins make good economic sense. That’s because soy is a complete source of protein, and it may help kids feel fuller longer, assisting in the fight against childhood obesity. ADM’s experts in child nutrition labeling are here to help you formulate products guaranteed to meet school systems’ increasingly strict regulations and sure to please kids’ palates, paving the way to better choices and, most importantly, better health.

Sports Nutrition

The sports nutrition market is booming, and while soy hasn’t traditionally been considered a key player, it’s actually a very important part of a sports nutrition program. Since soy protein is a complete source of protein that provides every amino acid essential to human health, it’s an important recovery vehicle for a body that’s been pushed to the max. ADM’s R&D experts can help you develop everything from bars and beverages to cereals and snacks, as well as supplements designed to support active lifestyles without sacrificing convenience or flexibility.


As consumers continue to seek out healthier alternatives to meat, dairy, and other traditional protein sources, soy protein is with them every step of the way. Providing every amino acid essential to human health, soy protein is a complete protein that’s entirely vegetable-based. Thanks to a system that ensures the quality, safety, and reliability of our supply, ADM offers soy proteins for a variety of vegetarian and vegan options – from beverages, tofu, and soy “cheeses” to meat, fish, and poultry analogs – flexible enough to satisfy any need.

Meat Processing

Whether for extension, sustainability, or succulence, soy protein plays a key role in meat processing around the globe. Because it’s less expensive to produce and process than meat proteins, soy comfortably meets the demanding dietary needs of the developing world. Throughout Europe, it offers a “greener,” more sustainable approach to meat processing that also helps to reduce fat and cholesterol content. And since it holds many times its weight in water, soy actually improves the eating quality of finished products. ADM’s experts can help you optimize your formulations.