CLARISOY® Soy Protein Isolate

CLARISOY® is the clear choice to optimize protein costs with uncompromising taste, nutrition and performance.

While working with dairy commodities can present cost and margin challenges, we understand that dairy drives consumer preference, and often times dairy and plant-based protein blends are preferred by consumers. That’s where CLARISOY comes in—an economical, high-quality plant-based dairy alternative that provides greater cost stability and comparable nutrition.

CLARISOY offers minimum protein content of 90% with a Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS).

CLARISOY delivers reliable performance for a wide range of applications:

  • Add dairy-comparable protein to food, drinks and snacks without sacrificing taste
  • Formulate acidic and hot-filled products with a heat-stable soy protein isolate
  • Fortify vegan applications with a dairy-free protein source with uncompromising taste

What’s more is we’ve created a comprehensive range of ingredient solutions from real dairy that work synergistically with CLARISOY to help you deliver the genuine, indulgent and rich dairy taste consumers demand without losing the key sensory attributes that drive liking—all while stabilizing your costs.

CLARISOY is backed by ADM’s commitment to serve both you and your consumers with high-quality ingredients and technical support that exceeds expectations. To learn more, contact us today.