Fruit Up™ for Sweetness from Fruit

Fruit Up™ provides food, drink and snack developers in North America clean tasting and clear labeling sweetness from fruit.  This fruit-based sweetening ingredient offers a low-glycemic response and is non-GMO and Kosher.

Fruit Up may be labeled as ‘fruit syrup’, which offers consumer-friendly positioning in a wide variety of applications, from beverages including alcohol & mixers, to cereals & snack bars, dairy products & frozen desserts. Fruit Up’s low glycemic index makes it an ideal solution for products designed for sustained energy release.

Fruit Up is created through our proprietary and purely physical extraction technology, without the use of additives, chemicals or enzymatic treatment.   

From singular sweetening ingredients, to custom blends, to complete synergistic sweetening systems, ADM has the widest range of sweetening solutions to help you meet your nutrition, labeling, taste and cost parameters.  

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