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Honi-Bake® dry honey powder

Our original dry honey product. Convenient, delicious, and economical, Honi-Bake dry honey powder can be used in breads, cookies, cakes, snack foods, health foods, or wherever the natural flavor of honey is desired.

Honi-Bake 705 dry honey powder

Blended from pure honey to produce a stronger-flavored honey product. Used in baked goods applications for a more intense honey flavor.

Sweet’n’Neat® 2000 dry honey powder

Contains 70 percent honey solids on a dry basis, providing maximum honey flavor in virtually any application: baked goods, cereals, batters/breading, mixes, meat products, compound coatings, and all types of dry mix systems.

Sweet’n’Neat 50

Free-flowing, completely soluble powdered honey produced by spray-drying liquid honey with maltodextrin. Contains 50 percent honey solids on a dry basis.