ADM Sugar offers a full line of sugar products and blends sourced from cane or beet.

Liquid Sucrose

Liquid Sucrose is a pure crystalline sucrose that has been dissolved in water to yield a sucrose solution that is ideal for use in many food applications in which a sweet taste of sugar is needed but with the ease of handling a liquid product. The most common liquid sucrose ADM offers is 67.5% solids (clear sugar syrup consisting of 67.5% granulated sucrose dissolved in 32.5% water). We also offer liquid sucrose 66.5% solids upon request.

Invert Sugar

Invert sugar provides unique functionality and sweetness due to the mix of different sugars. Our most common invert is the medium invert. We also offer a low and high invert upon request.

Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugars are versatile ingredients. Our most common granulated sugar is fine. We offer a coarse and extra fine upon request. ADM offers sugar products in different forms developed to specifically meet your formulation and application needs.