Specialty Syrups

The Resurgence of Syrups

Exceed Today’s Sweetening Demands with Real Option-ality

With consumers focused on sugar reduction and cleaner labels and the market demanding reliable partnership and cost optimization, great sweetener alternatives are an important factor in your success.

You want ingredients that deliver on emerging consumer needs and expectations regarding more natural, cleaner label products with lower sugars—and you need ingredients that are reliable and a benefit to your bottom line. Specialty syrups answer the call with ease of formulation.

ADM is the leader in specialty nutritive syrups used to create sweet products that meet today’s evolving consumer demands, delivering on:

  • sugar reduction solutions
  • clean and clear labels
  • cost optimization

Tap into our comprehensive specialty syrup portfolio including customized glucose syrups and drop in replacements to traditional sweeteners that deliver on consumer demand.

An Unparalleled Sweetener Portfolio

With the industry’s most comprehensive sweeteners and sweetening solutions portfolio, we offer an extensive and ever-expanding array of sweeteners, complementary ingredients and solutions to meet your needs for ingredients with the functionality you demand and the delivery, storage and handling options your business needs. We have the right specialty syrup solution for your application, whether you need to provide bulking/binding and fermentation in your bakery and snack products, to lower the calories in your beverage product, or to elevate your sauce or dressing products to a more premium label.

Sustainable Supply

ADM leads the way when it comes to sustainable supply. Our global supply chain integrity and quality assurance is supported by an impressive system of 450 crop procurement locations, more than 330 food and feed ingredient manufacturing facilities, 62 innovation centers and the world’s premier crop transportation network.

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of specialty syrups to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great sweet taste and pleasing texture.

SweetRight™ Tapioca Syrups
Organic Tapioca Syrup 28
Organic Tapioca Syrup 42
Organic Tapioca Syrup 60

SweetRight™ Rice Syrups
Organic Non GMO Brown Rice Syrup 42
Organic Non GMO Brown Rice Syrup 60
Organic Non GMO Clarified Rice Syrup 42
Organic Non GMO Clarified Rice Syrup 60

SweetRight™ Reduced Sugar Glucose Syrup
Up to 30% less added sugars on your label, with the same functionality as traditional corn syrup

FruitUp™ Fruit Syrup
Label-friendly ‘sugars from fruit’ for consumer appeal