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Sugars from ADM are available in a full range of products and blends, including dry and liquid sugars sourced from cane or beet with non-GMO options available, to serve a variety of formulation needs. We make it easier for you to deliver consumer-pleasing sweetness—and provide substantial time and cost savings—with custom blending capabilities and strategically located facilities throughout the U.S. so you don’t need to invest in your own blending infrastructure. Our well-distributed logistics footprint includes inversion processes at strategic locations, bringing everything together so we can serve you best when and where you need it.

Granulated sugar
Crystalline sucrose with free-flowing properties used as a key component in a variety of applications to provide sweetness, and add texture and body, available in a variety of granulations, including fine, coarse and extra fine.

Liquid sucrose
Pure crystalline sucrose dissolved in water, an ideal solution for many food applications which require both a sweet taste of sugar and the ease of handling a liquid product, minimizing formulation and processing requirements.

Invert sugar
A blend of sucrose, glucose and fructose that provides a level of sweetness greater than sucrose alone, and unique functionality that benefits a variety of products, minimizing crystallization in a variety of applications.

Along with offering familiar sweetness and sugar functionality, all of our sugar ingredients have the added benefits of ADM’s industry-leading Sweet Savvysm expertise and ingenuity, unparalleled sweetener portfolio and our highly reliable supply.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Sugar

ADM’s sugars work well in a variety of food and beverage applications from beverages to baked goods and everything in between and offers specific benefits:

  • Consumer appeal: improve taste, enhance flavors and texture, and preserve color
  • Consistency: deliver consistent sweetness and uniform quality
  • Functionality in baked goods: tenderize, soften texture and serve as a humectant
  • Bulk and texture: functionality beyond sweetness in all applications
  • Functionality in beverages: add body and mouthfeel to beverages

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of sugar ingredients to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great sweet taste and pleasing texture.

Granulated Sugar
Liquid Sucrose
Invert Sugar

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