Direct From Farmer Vanilla


ADM has removed the middle men and complexities of the traditional vanilla supply chain to bring our customers vanilla direct from the source. Through our joint-venture with Sahanala, ADM works with a cooperative of over 3,700 vanilla farmers in Madagascar. ADM’s joint-venture is the industry’s first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans, rooting our supply chain at the origin source. We are also expanding our ‘direct-from-farmer’ sourcing around the world with ongoing initiatives in Uganda, Indonesia, Tanzania and beyond.

To keep our vanilla programs farmer-focused, ADM works with Sahanala to implement social programs for reliable education, medical care and food security. We work to help improve vanilla farmers’ quality of life and help to build a middle class in Madagascar.


We invite you to become a part of a better way to source your vanilla and to enjoy the benefits of our traceable supply chain.


ADM’s joint-venture with Sahanala operates with full transparency and traceability. Our dedicated staff of extension workers ensure two-way engagement with each farmer in the co-op. Extension workers utilize mobile devices to capture information from each farmer and maintain traceability of vanilla beans. They share details from the association that enrich the farmers’ experiences and confidence in the vanilla market.

Extension workers provide agronomy support and promote farming best practices expected to increase crop yields; establishing a more stable industry that is less likely to fluctuate between boom and bust cycles. Our aim is to help you manage your product development costs while providing more certainty for the farmers.