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The Science Behind the Nutrition

With ADM, you have a spectrum of nutrition expertise spanning everyday human and animal nutrition. You also have functional health capabilities—all an extension of your own resources. Along with cutting-edge science, the health & wellness team at ADM possesses the technical ingenuity and regulatory expertise you need to create successful products.

You will benefit from our global academia, agency and organization engagement, as well as our broad regulatory expertise, including:

  • USDA Foods/School Nutrition
  • USDA Food Assistance 
  • International Development

 Scientific Capabilities

We take a global view when it comes to our nutrition science engagement, providing leadership to professional organizations. We are supporting global, trans-disciplinary research initiatives and advocacy. ADM’s health & wellness team promotes cross-organization integration of nutrition initiatives, as well as rigorously supporting nutrition research. 

Our broad research development expertise includes:

  • Epidemiology
  • Pre-clinical models
  • Human clinical 

Clinical Trials 

Clinical trials for specific ADM health & wellness products are published in peer-reviewed journals. Our microbiome trials have been published in 59 industry publications.

Our research capabilities and clinical trials:

  • Pre-clinical evaluation, including in vitro, cell cultures, and C.elegans models
  • Omics analysis, including genomics and metabolomics
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Strain development, including pilot, scale-up and stability

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